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After a direct examination of the oral cavity and X-ray analysis, possible interventions and a treatment plan that would be implemented are discussed.

The goal is to achieve optimal aesthetics and function as well as the longevity of the procedure itself.

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure in which a tooth (crown and root) is removed from the jaw. The reason for tooth removal can be either most often inflammation that cannot be conservatively repaired or the tooth is chronically destroyed by a carious lesion that cannot be upgraded or for orthodontic reasons.

If access to the tooth to be extracted is difficult due to anatomical reasons, then a surgical procedure of alveotomy is performed.

After anesthesia, the surgical treatment removes the affected tooth and surrounding tissue, which prevents easy removal of the tooth itself. An example is wisdom tooth extraction.

Hard and soft tissue augmentation are procedures in oral and periodontal surgery that serve to upgrade bone and/or associated gums in a region where it is missing after years of loss of surrounding tissue and one or more teeth. The purpose of these procedures is to get a good bone ridge with healthy gums for the placement of dental implants or around teeth whose periodontitis has damaged the surrounding tissue. Often, if the condition allows, it is possible to perform the placement of dental implants with bone augmentation in one procedure, thus shortening the number of procedures that need to be performed for successful therapy.

Dental implants are surgeries that are surgically implanted in the bones of the upper or lower jaw and serve as supports for crowns and bridges or dentures. The implant is placed in the patient's bone. If it is found that there is not enough bone, then the bone is upgraded either by various methods of augmentation or by raising the sinuses. If the condition allows, it is possible to load the implant with a tooth or implants with a bridge or prosthesis within 48 hours. If it is not possible to load the implants immediately, then wait for the lower jaw between 2-3 months and for the upper between 4-6 months. the patient decides in agreement with the therapist.

Sinus lift is a surgical method of creating bone support for dental implants by lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus with either artificial bone or the patient's own bone.

PRGF® ENDORET® technology or plasma enriched with growth factors is the most advanced system on the market for obtaining your own plasma rich in growth factors. It is based on the use of the patient's own cells with biological activity, growth factors, and fibrin biomaterial to stimulate and accelerate tissue healing and regeneration.

This is a 100% biocompatible technology with excellent diversity, safety, and efficiency. The potential of this technology stems from the effect of growth factor from the patient's platelets, which, among other things, includes VEGF, FGF, PDGF, TGF-B, EGF, IGF-I. These factors influence a number of biological processes that promote cell migration, growth, and morphogenesis, reduce pain and the inflammatory component and accelerate wound recovery after any surgical procedure.

In our country, it is used for tooth extraction, implant placement, bone augmentation as well as for lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus, and in all other surgical procedures in aesthetic medicine for the restoration of collagen in the skin of the face and neck.

Dental implants are a permanent fixed solution for the loss of one or more teeth in the upper and lower jaw. They represent the infrastructure (in the bone) located in the jaw, while dental crowns and dentures represent the superstructure (visible part) that connects to the implant through various methods and thus forms a whole.

If there is a lack of bone and tissue for successful implantation, stability, and longevity of our implants, we use the most modern techniques of tissue augmentation from bone augmentation and raising the bottom of maxillary sinuses to bone and connective grafts and using plasma rich in growth factors (prgf) for faster and better wound healing and comfort. recovery and less postoperative pain and swelling.

Of the dental implants, we use Bti-Unica implants that belong to the range of premium implants that are enriched with calcium ions on their titanium surface.

Calcium, in addition to helping to bond faster to the bone itself, also serves to improve the cleanliness of the surface itself, which has been awarded by the Cleanimplant Foundation for the best surface cleanliness of dental implants on the market.

It is important to note that BTI implants, in addition to their above characteristics, come in lengths from 5.5 mm onwards, which is an advantage for solutions for large bone losses in the upper and lower jaw, which often avoids additional surgical procedures that are a prerequisite for implants.

Our goal is to achieve optimal functional conditions and a natural aesthetic appearance of your mouth and teeth.

Dental implantology



Dental implants are a permanent fixed solution for the loss of one or more teeth in the upper and lower jaw. They represent the infrastructure (in the bone) located in the jaw



Refers to tooth and wisdom tooth extraction, apicectomy, sinus floor lifting, bone ridge augmentation, soft tissue surgery



PlasmaRich in GrowthFactor | Endogenous Regenerative Technology is a regenerative technique that uses growth factors from a patient's blood for faster recovery and less swelling and pain



is a permanent fixed solution that offers the installation of 6 implants per edentulous jaw where bridges are placed on them



Production of aesthetic fillings and treatment of root canals as well as tooth upgrades and preparations for crowns and bridges



We especially emphasize our many years of experience in working with children and children with developmental disorders, where our goal is to establish a good working relationship between therapist - child - parent



Production of aesthetic crowns and aesthetic bridges on teeth and implants, production of aesthetic veneers. Production of complete and partial dentures



Calculus cleaning, teeth whitening, making aesthetic veneers