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Polyvalent dental practice Bival is based in Zagreb. Dentists at this practice have been providing services for over 20 years, and each patient at our practice is treated as an individual. With our individual approach, we tackle everything from proper oral hygiene to complete oral cavity rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Our mission is to keep your teeth and mouth healthy while also enhancing their natural beauty.

  • One of the recognized centers in the use of BTI technology since 2015.
  • Use of PRGF® ENDORET® regenerative medicine in dentistry
  • Continuing education in BTI institutes.
  • Daily use of BTI implants
  • Daily use of PRGF® ENDORET® technology in dental implantology, oral surgery, and facial aesthetics.
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Antonija Miškulin

Dental Asisstant

Ksenija Momčinović-Bival

dr. med. dent.

Dr.Ksenija Momčinović-Bival - born in Zagreb in 1958 - is a Croatian doctor. In Zagreb, she attended the Faculty of Dentistry after graduating from the High School of Pharmacy, earning the title of Doctor of Dentistry in 1983.

After her education in Austria, she returned to Zagreb where she opened a multipurpose practice, contracted with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund with its headquarters at 1 Henrika Degena Street in Zagreb.

Preventive and pediatric dentistry, as well as working with patients with special needs (children and adults), has been a constant source of inspiration for her own project "How to prevent fear of dentists." The project on the prevention of caries is being implemented in primary schools and other institutions in cooperation with the DAN association. An important part of the project's mission is to "achieve results in remediating caries among school and pre-school children and children with disabilities: COOPERATION PARENT-PATIENT-THERAPIST.

Her greatest achievement is the joy she brings to the child's face at each new arrival..

Sven Bival

dr. med. dent.
Oral Surgeon Specialist

A Zagreb native, Dr. Sven Bival was born in 1987. Following in his parents' footsteps, he enrolled in Zagreb's Faculty of Dentistry in 2006 and earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2012 after graduating from the Medical Polytechnic's School of Dental Medicine.

It took him one year of internship at the Clinical Hospital Center in Zagreb at the Faculty of Dentistry and a private clinic and office Bival before passing the professional exam and becoming a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine in 2013.

During the course of his work, he takes courses in oral surgery, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and other dental specialties. Dental implantology, oral surgery, and the use of regenerative methods in dentistry are his primary interests.

His career aspirations prompted him to enroll in a doctoral program at the Faculty of Dentistry in 2017 and he is an Oral surgery specialist since 2019.

Antonija Turopoljac

Dental Asisstant

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Tena Velčić

dr. med. dent.

Meet Dr. Tena Velčić, Doctor of Dental Medicine, a proud graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb. During her academic journey, she actively contributed as a member of the Student Section for Oral Surgery, where she conducted workshops and lectures.

Passionate about her profession and compassionate toward people, Dr. Tena approaches dentistry with love and dedication. She is committed to treating each patient individually, aiming for superior results and ensuring that every patient receives optimal therapy. Dr. Tena's expertise extends beyond adults; she is highly skilled in working with children. With her, you can anticipate not only excellent dental care but also a warm and friendly atmosphere. Your oral health is in caring hands with Dr. Tena Velčić.